Monday, January 25, 2010

Mercedes S-Class hybrid coming

mercedes-s-class-hybrid-front Mercedes S-Class hybrid coming

As anticipated by the weekly magazine Autocar, the new Mercedes S-Class shall be accessible with hybrid technology. The sedan shall be launched in the new version in 2012, and pending the house rattles off some extra piece of information on the next range.

Like all the other houses also proffer revives Mercedes motor sport, providing a clean engine also blazoned a sedan like the S-Class still, as indicated by top management, these gorgeous three volumes shall not at all be driven by a motor zero emissions.

mercedes-s-class-hybrid-rear Mercedes S-Class hybrid coming

All-electric car requires adaptations and waivers that target Mercedes would not be ready to accept. Well, it intends that we shall be convinced. After all are not bad 28 kilometers per liter of gasoline consumed, or even 100 grams of C02 emitted per kilometer. Data are exceedingly encouraging for a car of its caliber. Who would have contemplation, a Class D benefits from the connectives…?

The technology used to make the new Mercedes S-Class hybrid is then borrowed from the rest of the proffer Mercedes. To achieve these results, the car shall use the most advanced technologies to get better the efficiency of the engine, such as direct injection and the begin & Stop system. In addition to a reduction in consumption, the house also announces an increase in power of 10%. In pictures we can see the Mercedes-Benz S500 Hybrid, shown at the IAA 2009 as a concept car.

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