Monday, January 25, 2010

Jeep Creep Q&A Column

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‘Nother Death Wobble

My ‘91 Cherokee Limited with a 6-inch lift and 33-inch tires has a horrible death wobble. All the joints are good and all are tight. I noticed that the previous owner broke one of the steering box bolts and I can see minor movement when I stand out the door and turn the wheel. It seems like the frame rail flexes. And I noticed the driver’s front tire is kicked in a bit more then the other side. Could this be the reason? Will a professional alignment and replacing that bolt be my repair?
Yucaipa, CA

With that high a lift and relatively oversized tires, you’re putting a strain on your steering assembly even in a parking lot. If you crawl rocks, you’re putting an even higher strain on the components so you need to brace it. You need a cross-frame brace running from the bottom of the gearbox to the opposite side frame rail. Take a look at the websites of 4-Wheel Parts and/or 4-Wheel Hardware and you find the brace you need. Once you have that brace in place, have the Cherokee professionally aligned and your death wobble will be gone!

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