Monday, January 25, 2010



Toyota Soluna really famous economical BBM and dogged alias preserves, but machine 4 DOHC'S Cylinders 16 Valve 1.500cc that disematkan in pacunya's kitchen is known less vigorous, just 95 HP. Eventually Toyota Vios with DOHC 16 Valve 1.500cc it feels equal to give energy 109 HP. Clear this condition is frequent sprags at Toyota Soluna's owner heart.

Nah, to increase performa Soluna's energy you can follow stage that did by Rizky Basworo on Toyota Soluna GLI year 2000 hers as one reported by friends at Okezone.

Toyota soluna Rizky diracik returns with following formula:

* open's assembly filter's water

* body's throttle assembly from Toyota Great Corolla

* Flywheel's wight cut back as much 20 percents

* Porting and Polish on intake's channel and exhaust

* Papas is head's cylinder as big as 0,8 mm

* Plug sparking cable is substituted with blue thunder

* Koil was chosen By Crane Cams Fireball PS91 and MSD'S ignition module 6AL.

* Piggyback Dastek Unichip Type A with Launch Control and with limiter's module

Its result of essays Dynamometer Menunjukan Perfroma Toyota Soluna worked up of 95 HP on 5600 rpm, as 132,3 HP and torsi as big as 161Nm.

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