Monday, January 25, 2010

Industri Otomotif

otomotif Meksiko's industry have experienced ascension as much 9% August periods goes to September. Meksiko is no.10's car producer at universalizes. Meanwhile car factory is carry on business over there been outgrown. Otomotif Meksiko's Industrial association say their state have made 146.295 this year car and on august 134.501 unit are made.

Indutri, Mobil, Meksiko

Base reporting that gotten by Associated Press, this is fourth moon where their sell begin worked up. On month of September 2008, otomotif Meksiko experiences decline with just memproduksi 189.345 units. United states of america as market outgrown by latin state brand car this also menurun. Attainment point exports to be noted by menurun 35%, meanwhile at Meksiko Is sell own it rans down as much 23%.

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