Monday, January 25, 2010

Toyoto Presents Three Diverse Hyrid Models Cars Of Prius In Japan


Recently Toyoto presents its three diverse concept versions popular hyrid models cars of Prius in Japan at the Mukuhari Messe Exhibition. These three models are available in stylish design amazing shape and strong body with great colors.

This is the latets concepts of stylish luxury model cars. The Prius Hybrids Wedgy has wide body kit and amazing latest shape creates like a starrer in swift and The Furious. The custom made fenders, new air bumper with an integrated diffuser, Lamborghini styled side vents, beefy side skirts and side spoilers glamorize the vehicle even further.

gr1 Toyoto Presents Three Diverse Hyrid Models Cars Of Prius In Japan

Carbon fibre is used widely all above the body as well as the roof, hood, cameras on the doors and the back panels on the stem doors. The external alteration are characterised by the uniquely manner 18-inch alloy wheels that are shod on 215/40 R18 Goodyear tires.

The addition of gauges interiors are decked on top of the dashboard and just over the navigation wheel covered in Alcantara.

On the new Recaro Bucket seats Alcantara is also used and most parts of the cabin. At the side of the heady looks, the concert factor is shaped only through the high-performance break-system and sports deferral that lowers the car’s ride height at the front and back!

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